Friday, March 25, 2011

Reading Journal: "The Third Angel"

For this review, I decided to do something similar to the one I did for "Hadrian's Wall" way back in 2004, where I focused on the characters. The ones in this story were very interwoven, although it was not immediately apparent because the plot skipped around in different time periods. The story was definitely not written in chronological order.

I used a variety of media. The title was written with a Prismacolor pencil; the author with a ballpoint pen. The names of the characters were written with a white Sharpie Poster-Paint pen. The woman on the right side was cut from a magazine and the shine reduced with matte medium. The angel was printed off the internet. The woman on the left was also a magazine photo which I painted over with acrylic paints and enhanced her face and clothing wrinkles with Prismacolor pencils. She is glued over a circle of sheet music that was colored with soft pastels.

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