Saturday, May 17, 2008


This is one of the little watercolor collages that I made in a class with Sherri Kiesel when she came to Houston the first weekend in March. I absolutely loved this class. I would take from her again in a minute.


hilary said...

Your watercolor collages are wonderful. So free.
How did you make the borders? I would love to know the technique.

Eliece said...

Use graph paper to plan out lettering. First pencil in guidelines & angle bottoms of letters so they are not parallel to the guideline. Use a heavier pen like a 1.0 to make letters & a finer one like a .005 to ink in guidelines after writing is done. Do not ink lines that fall inside a letter (such as verticals of H.) For painting lettering, pick a couple of colors from your painting and alternate them. Do not paint where you omitted inked lines. When you have an open letter like E, start with the color next to the letter that follows it, and add more water inside the crossbars of the E so that it only has very faint color there. Hope this helps.