Thursday, July 05, 2007

Reading Journal: Piece of My Heart

In the course of twin narratives, the author weaves together the stories of two interconnected murders that occur decades apart. The first takes place in September 1969. Rock & roll, psychedelic drugs and hippies are on the rise in Britain. In the aftermath of a music festival, a young woman is found dead in a sleeping bag, stabbed through the heart.

In the present day, DCI Alan Banks investigates the death of a freelance journalist who had been working on a magazine article about the 40th anniversary of the classic rock band the Mad Hatters, who he gradually discovers had been more than casual acquaintances of the dead girl in 1969.k

I always enjoy the books in this series. Banks is one of my favorite detectives. Peter Robinson writes an engaging mystery every time, always fully developing the characters right along with the plot, both the recurring ones like Banks and Annie Cabbot, as well as the ones unique to each story.

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