Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Reading Journal Entry: Ya-Yas in Bloom

This book bounces back and forth between the 1930s (when Teensie, Vivi, Caro and Necie first met as 4-year-olds and the Ya-Yas were born) to the 1960s when they were young mothers dealing with their numerous offspring, to the present day when they rally in their intrepid manner to foil the kidnapping of a grandchild. These sassy Louisiana belles are charming, outrageous and full of life--as much a hoot as they were in Rebecca Wells two previous offerings.

For the illustration background, I found this beautiful picture of irises and other flowers in a gardening magazine. The adorable little girls were located in various clothing ads. For the two at the top of the page, I partially cut around some of the flowers and tucked the girls behind before gluing the page down. The background of the left page was done by brushing on several shades of purple acrylics and leaving unpainted white areas. The text was done with a white GellyRoll pen.

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Nicolette said...

I love this one! Love your use of the flowers and the little girls together - it is so sunny and fresh and fun!